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Hello Internet

So here I am, with my own blog. Scary yet exciting. My own little piece of the internet to share what I want. It has evolved I guess from instagram, where I started sharing photos of my home, from there I started to engage with some amazing people, making friends and feeling inspired. Inspired enough to start blogging. We all need a hobby right?

But what to post? I’m not really sure myself, I have enjoyed sharing photos of my home and the journey from reservation to now but to be honest i’m bored of it, my heart isn’t in it. I’m ored of interiors, life has taken over and decorating has moved to the bottom of the to do list, making me feel like a bit of a dud home account, there is after all only so many ways of taking the same photo of a half finished room. And I started my account when I was off work with an open wound, we’d just moved into our house and I had time on hands, so why not. But not really a passion for interiors. But, I have a new love, which stemmed from instagram and that is photos. I’ve always like to take photos but lately I’ve actually been keen to learn how to use my camera manually and enjoying the photos I have been able to take and I felt I had nowhere to show them, unless they were of my home of course. So I decided that was it, it was time for a change. So here I am, goodbye my little welsh home, Hello life through Racheal’s lens.

I’ll be posting different stuff from home, lifestyle, travel and hopefully I’ll be able to share some beautiful photos on the way.

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By Racheal

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