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Dominican Republic 2018

I wanted to share our latest holiday with you as I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we did. We didn’t plan to go to the Dominican Republic, it started out as Florida, again. But somewhere more beachy than Orlando this time as I wanted to just relax. So we searched and found a reasonable deal to Naples in Florida but Matt did a bit of research and they had a problem with red tide and I won’t go into detail about it but basically there was a lot of marine life dead on the shores. So we started looking at other places the destination being less important than the weather and we came across the Dominican Republic at a better price than Florida.

We did our research on the hotel we planned to stay in, by research I mean reading every trip advisor review and YouTube video available. The reviews seemed ok, obviously some were negative, they always are but we were booking with British Airways and felt they wouldn’t offer a terrible hotel knowingly and so we booked it.It felt like a long wait to go but in the time we arranged travel vaccines with our GP. They will advise which ones are necessary for the individual, as I had already had some extra vaccines for work I only needed hepatitis A where as Matt needed more. There’s a risk of malaria but our nurse said tablets were precautionary and we didn’t need them so we didn’t get them. I sorted travel money, opting for USD$ rather than peso as it was easier and widely accepted. Suncream, insect repellant packed, the final thing were travel adapters, American ones, and we were ready to go.

We headed down to Gatwick on a rainy and typically British Sunday morning. Our flight was comfortable and just under 9 hours, BA offered good service on the flight, a decent amount of leg room for 6ft2 Matt. We weren’t in the airport long before we were on our transfer bus to the hotel. Upon arrival to the hotel the staff were welcoming, offering us a cocktail on check in and then taking our bags and us to our room. We opted for a garden view when booking and had a view over the pool and garden area.
There was a superking size bed, TV, mini bar which was well stocked with soft drinks and water at no extra cost. There was also coffee making facilities. The room was overall bright, light and airy with a balcony to sit out and enjoy the sun on. We unpacked and went to explore and grab something to eat before we went to bed around 9pm local time, 1am England.

The days following arrival were all similar, stunning views, beautiful weather and were spent lounging either on the beach or by one of the pools in the hotel. All with access to multiple bars serving a variety of beers, cocktails and soft drinks.There were 5 al a carte restaurants to choose from; French, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian and a grill restaurant as well as the buffet which served a wife variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overall the food was good, the buffet could be a little repetitive but with the al a carte restaurants you had enough places to eat that it wasn’t so noticeable.  There was also a bar serving fruit snacks during the day.

The beach, this was our biggest worry for the trip as due to weather there is a natural abundance of seaweed that is being washed ashore and this was the main source of peoples complaint about the resort but they had staff out raking it up and collecting it so it was not that noticeable at all. The other thing was geotubes, you can just see them in the photos below, the mounds in the middle of the sea, they’re there to stop erosion and we thought they would be more of an eye sore than they were, they weren’t an issue in photos really.
There were also a lot of people selling things on the beach, I’d seen a bit about this before going so knew they would be there but not so many of them, there were people trying to braid your hair, sell cigars, coconuts, jewellery, bags and trinkets, Matt was even offered some of “the good stuff” by one man but we declined his offer and never found out exactly what he was offering. There was also security on the beach making sure the sellers weren’t too pushy, they weren’t too bad and would recognise you and not ask again the same day.
We had seen the list of excursions before going but decided we weren’t going to go on many of them as we just wanted to chill, we did book one trip to Saona Island, i’ll do a separate post with photos from there because it was stunning, I’d definitely recommend it.
So I won’t ramble anymore and I’ll leave you with some of my favourite photos from the trip.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, thanks for reading.

By Racheal

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