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Autumn, the most underrated time of year? When I was younger autumn always seemed a bit meh, either be summer or Christmas, I was not interested in an inbetween season. That was until I got older and developed an interest in photography and it was oh hello autumn you beautiful thing. The jewelled colours, crisp air and perfect lighting, can you stay forever please? 

Unfortunely I wasn’t in the UK for all of autumn due to my holiday, post on that here. So when we were back I wanted to make the most of what was left of autumn. 

One Sunday we went out for a stroll around Newport Wetlands. It’s a lovely place to have a stroll and see some wildlife, the best part is it’s free! You only pay to park. So here are some of my favourite photos from our stroll. 

As you can see it’s a really lovely place and worth a look if you’re ever near by. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos.

By Racheal

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